Four Unusual Things I am Thankful For

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s important to be thankful for a variety of things in your life: Your home, your family, your job…all are well and good. In fact, if you aren’t thankful for those things, get away from me, go watch Sister Act, and then come back and read this post.

Where were we? Oh yeah. Appreciate your mother and your education, but then hear me out: Sometimes life is made delicious by the minutia found in everyday existence. It’s hard to pinpoint these things, especially when they can be so simple. Yet, without them, well, life would kinda-sorta blow.

I dedicate this post to four of those things.

1.) That Blonde Guy

At my place of work, there is a certain gentleman who select co-workers and I refer to as “Blondie.” The ladies all seem to find him incredibly dorky, shy, and generally unappealing. Fortunately for me, I find such qualities impossibly charming. My middle school-grade crush on him has provided for hours of office hijinks. But wait, there’s more! I am fairly certain he is none the wiser to any of my schemes. Indeed the work day seems to go much more quickly and be filled with much more laughter when he is around; not because of his charm or kindness, but because prank-calling his phone line somehow never gets old.

2.) Naps

Naps and I used to be mortal nemesis. Once upon a time, a young and naïve Kate Foo would repeatedly proclaim “Naps?! Naps are for the weak! There is so much more I could be doing with my life!” Yes, I would shake my fist at the heavens and then quickly return to watching French dubs of Sailor Moon. Then, one day, I realized the whole “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” mentality wasn’t really working out. I am tired. All. The. Time. Accordingly, I have developed an uncanny ability to fall asleep anywhere at any time; Professor Charles Xavier even invited me to his School for Gifted Youngsters! Unfortunately, I had to decline due to a scheduling conflict with my upcoming world tour. Bummer, right?

3.) Vegetarian Meat Substitute

Every day, as I bite into an incredibly delicious soy nugget (or soy cheeseburger) (or soy beef Wellington for that matter) I pause and ask myself “How did this come to be? Does this completely defeat the purpose of my vegetarianism? By eating this imitation meat and enjoying these imitation flavors, am I, in turn, desecrating the respect I claim to have for animals?!” Well, to be honest, my thought process usually isn’t that extensive whilst eating. Whatever moral conundrums churn up are usually suppressed by the tastiness of a soy sausage combined with innate vegetarian smugness.

4.) Amazon dot Com Books

My entire life before, and up to, the point I discovered the hidden treasures of Amazon(dot)com’s book selection should easily be branded a lie. The incredible realization that virtually any work of literature can be purchased for less than ten cents is the only true “Hallelujiah!” moment I have yet to experience in the past five millennia. So what if the book was salvaged from the bottom of a lake or pried out of the family crypt? I fail to see an issue when I am paying in pennies for a copy of Cat’s Cradle. 


I won’t bore you with excessive details about tube socks, knitting, or this website. But I would like to hear what brightens your day. DITES-MOI!

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